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How To Trace Your Lost Mobile By IMEI Number?


IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This is only way to find your lost mobile. IMEI is a unique identity of your mobile. Let us know some way to trace the lost mobile with IMEI number.

1- First step is to get the IMEI number of the lost mobile followed by 15 digits. You can find that on your bill and on the cover of the mobile.

2-Now go to the your E- mail id and log on to cop@vsnl.net and send a composed mail followed by:

  • Your name:
  • Address:
  • Phone Model:
  • Last no used:
  • E- Mail for communication:
  • Missed date:
  • IMEI no:

And send a mail to cop@vsnl.net.

Now wait for the replay to get the data about your lost mobile, if it is in use.

3- Anti- virus Mobile security is the another trick to find your mobile. This security brings both virus free and mobile tracking for the user. In this system tracking facility is available which is not visible to the thief.

4- Mobile chase location tracker is another application which helps out in finding the mobile. When the thief changes its SIM suddenly you will get a SMS on the number you have registered with in 5min. The SIM contain GPRS tracker which will find the location of the mobile.

5- Thief tracker is another special weapon to find the mobile. When the thief makes any change in the mobile the front camera will capture the picture of the thief. It depends on the good quality of the camera. If you have HD camera than a good HD picture of the thief will be accrued. And that image will be delivered to your E- Mail account. But this has some kind of limitations. It only gives a beautiful image of the thief not any kind of data. Smart look helps out in finding both image and the data. It shows the location of the mobile.

6- These all were about plan A. if everything fails than move to plan B. Just download apps of ‘find my phone’. This could be used only by Android. After this app is installed the GPS will show the location of the mobile. The location of the mobile will be located in every 10 min. On every 10 min you will get a SMS of the location of the mobile.

7- In database lost, stolen and found mobile helps to find the lost mobile. This is reported by public and found by public. In this the mobile contact no of buyer, resellers, insurers, law enforcement, and security professionals are registered. When thief makes any kind of change then the mobile of the all the registered number will get the information about the mobile. When the stolen mobile is located the owner will get the information.

So these are the best way to find your mobile when it is lost. So follow any one of the method to find your own mobile.

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