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Universal Selectorized Dumbbell Set With Stand Review


Men who are ardent body builders are obsessed about their fitness gears and types of equipment. In fact, even women have become conscious about their abs and muscles. But owing to busy schedules and professional commitments, it is difficult to maintain a fitness regime. For all those who are committed to fitness, they can now turn their home into a gym. Buy Universal Adjustable Dumbbells along with a stand. Read the universal selectorized dumbbell set with stand review that will help you make the right choice while looking to buy the perfect pair.

These are not the run-of-the-mills dumbbells. As the name suggests, a user can adjust the weight of the dumbbells. The weight ranges starts from 10 lbs and can be expanded to 50 lbs. And don’t worry they will not eat up space in your room, these are compact models customised for workouts at home. The USP is the size that makes it’s a must buy for those looking to turn a small area of the house into a mini gym. Dumbbell Sets with Rack is an additional feature to offer ease of handling and storing.

Features of the Universal Adjustable Dumbbells

Flexible or Selectorized Weights

For beginners to athletes, this Dumbbell Sets with Rack offers the ease to adjust the selectorized weight with ease. When one has to change the weights, just use the selector weight dial via settings. While working out when you lift the dumbbell, the weight changes as per the requirement of the exercise.

Stand to Stack the Gear

Get a complete deal as along with dumbbell get an adjustable dumbbell stand where it is easy to keep them. There is no need to make extra effort to store them.

Range Of Exercise Option

The universal dumbbell sets offer over 30 exercise combinations. Using the dumbbell one can do exercises for chest, abdominal. And other body parts. With this pair of dumbbells, it is easier to work out and sweat it all out.

Dial system

With a dial system, the person exercising can smoothly and securely lock in the weight when needed. This feature offers flexibility for working out without any drawbacks.



Adjustable Dumbbells are comparatively cheaper than other competitive brands. But it does not compromise on the quality and overall experience of the workout.


  • Universal selectorized kit offers amazing adjustment settings starting from 4 pounds that can be gradually increased up to 45 lbs. One can make a 5-pound addition at a time.
  • Gets a stand along with dumbbell sets making it easy to use and place in the house
  • Brand new dial system that offers secure lock system making it easy to work out with these dumbbells
  • Each dumbbell comes as 14 inches longer dimension, 7 inches taller and 15 inches wider
  • Has a robust thermoplastic rubber handle for a secure non-slip hold


  • Universal Adjustable Dumbbells are compact and space saver
  • Intelligently designed and attractive to look at
  • One dumbbell set helps to perform multiple exercises
  • Offers to carry out intensive workout sessions
  • Setting a new weight by using the sliding pin is relatively easy.
  • Has an excellent grip to handle.
  • You can adjust the weight using dial system.
  • Ideal for your home or gym as it is touted as one of the best gears to possess.
  • Offers flexible option for working out.
  • Has a workout guide for beginners
  • The most striking feature while looking at the Universal Dumbbell Set review is the dumbbell stand. This accessory allows one to keep the equipment properly.


  • Given the weight of the dumbbells, it can be little difficult to balance them properly. This issue is faced more by beginners who might take some time to adjust to the weights. These can be bulky over its counterparts.
  • Another drawback is putting the dumbbells back in the tray or stand. The process is not that simple as it looks as it takes some time to get accustomed to it.
  • Some might find the dumbbells a bit bigger in size, so one has to be careful in using them. The normal one can be used roughly but with these Selectorized Weights Dumbbells, owing to size it is important to be careful.


Universal Adjustable Dumbbells is a product that is only going to bring a smile on the user’s face. First reason being that the product is economically priced and offers great quality. Secondly the adjustable dumbbell set does not occupy too much space so keeping it at home is easy. With a dial system, it is easy to manage weight.

Looking at the overall Universal Dumbbell Set review, the product offers value for money to customers. Multiple workout sessions and the possibility to use for complete body fitness regime makes it’s a must have gear. Easy to use and maintain, home or gym buyers are going to have a gala time exercising. With this one can have a lean and flexible body and get the kind of attention one desires.

With a one-year warranty, users can get assurance for replacement of parts. On the flip side, the dumbbells are bulkier and much bigger than the normal ones. Those looking for a sleek model will go for some other brand. Dumbbell Sets with Rack concept is fine, but the ease of taking them off and putting it back on its stand can be tricky.

Universal selectorized dumbbell set with stand review by customers shows the level of satisfaction they have got buying the product. At the given price, they are more than happy to own the set of adjustable dumbbells that offer so many features. With the excellent quality of the product, those who have bought this are enjoying the workout sessions. In fact, many customers recommend this product on various online sites.

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