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8 Useful Tools for AngularJS Developers


Thinking of giving AngularJS a try? This can be a terrifying thing for beginners, but never fear! To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 8 useful tools (for development, modules, debugging and testing, etc.) to help you streamline your workflow when building with Angular:

Best Modules

If you are looking for Angular modules, the best place to go to is In the meantime, here are (in our humble opinion) the best ones of the bunch:


Angular JS was used to build the collection of UI components that make up AngularUI. Instead of widgets, this tool uses raw directives (like ui-calendar, ui-map, ui-router, etc.) to help you quickly build Angular applications. Our favorite directive is UI-Bootstrap because it has the innate ability to create Twitter Bootstrap in Angular. – Sorting and Filtering Table

If you need the kind of tables that can be filtered and sorted in your web application, then you can’t go wrong with ngTable. It also supports great pagination and variable row heights capabilities.

Best Debugging and Testing Tools

Testing and debugging are essential components of the development process, especially when working in the Angular environment.


Although mostly used for BDD (behavior-driven development), with a bit customization you can also use Jasmine for TTD (test-driven development). Developers tend to use this tool in tandem with Karma: Jasmine as the test framework and Karma as the test runner.

Jasmine automatically inspects all your JavaScript functions and classes and will let you know if there’s any unhandled code. The only problem is that it has no idea which environment, or browsers, the test performed. But, if you use it with Karma, this won’t be an issue.


Karma opens the browsers listed in the configuration file and uses to talk to the active browser. It then asks if you want to run the test.

Although this nifty little test runner was made for Angular, you can use it with the other JavaScript frameworks as well. Plus, it supports all types of testing:

• E2E testing
• Midway testing
• Unit testing

Best IDE and Text Editors

The programming world has two types of editors: lightweight text editors and feature rich Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Both kinds speed up the development workflow and will be helpful in your Angular endeavors.


Not only is WebStorm suited for JavaScript, it works great in CSS and HTML as well. It features a fantastic live editor that lets you see your coding results without need of constant refreshing. Also, although the newest version of this lightweight text editor comes with the AngularJS plug-in bundle by default, you’ll still need to put the Angular Script in your project beforehand.


If you are looking for a decent free open source IDE, you can’t go wrong with Aptana – the customized version of Eclipse with a focus on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other web treats. To get Aptana ready for Angular support, simply head to the Eclipse marketplace and install the AngulalrJS Eclipse extension.

Additional Tools and Apps

To make your Angular development process smoother and easier, here are two more tools and apps that are excellent for Angular newbies:

7.ngDocs – AngularJS Reference

Simply put, this Android app provides AngularJS references and documentation. It features some basic tutorials that are perfect for Angular newbies as well as an error reference and a developer guide. And because it’s on your mobile device, it allows you to learn more about Angular no matter where you go.

8.Generator Angular

With just a couple of terminal commands, this tool will make your Angular development process faster. It has the ability to generate directives, view, development unit, server, framework testing, and more automatically.

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