Virtual Pet Breeding Games

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Virtual Pet Breeding Games

One of my favorite “Sim”-type games are virtual pet games. I especially love games where you can “breed” the pets you have, creating interesting lineages, and in some cases, inspiring creatures with unique patterns. Here is a list of some of the games I’ve found and played, as well as some commentary on what I’ve found in them!

#1 Wajas


Wajas uses dog and wolf-based creatures. After getting a waja, you can explore caves, play minigames, and find fun accessories to add to your creature. The variety of markings and “mutations” (such as wings, horns, and feathers) make each pet you breed a unique and distinguishable creature!

#2 Khimeros


Khimeros works almost exactly like Wajas. The main difference pet-wise is that instead of having purely wolf and dog-based pets, you breed pets based on a variety of animals. So you can easily have a creature with the front half of a wolf, and the back half of an owl…-like thing. The games to play to earn money and items are more unique than other games on this list. Personally, I’m a big fan of Mahjong!

#3 The Dragon Empire

The Dragon Empire runs much like Wajas and Khimeros, only with dragons. I actually find the games easier and more casual to play, though you have a pretty low limit as to how much you can get per day.

#4 Pocket Pumas

As with the above sites, Pocket Pumas allows you to breed virtual pets with a variety of unique and fantasy-like markings and “mutations” (called “evolutions” in this game.). Only now we’re doing it with cats. You can have your own pride of big cats, from lions, tigers, and lynxes, and mix and match them to your heart’s content! One thing I notice about this game, though, is that it actually Prevents you from “inbreeding” your pets. While that’s a great thing to include in this game, I found it to be somewhat frustrating when I spend large amounts of in-game currency on a wide selection of cats, only to find that all but two could be bred*. But I guess that’s good if you forget to looking out for that.

(*Note: On July 13TH, 2011, a new “Inbreeding Checker” feature was added, allowing you to check a pet you wish to purchase for inbreeding.)

The games are rather unique as well, using flash-based games instead of browser-based ones. It’s too bad you can only earn money through three plays a day. Actually, that might be a good thing, lest I find myself playing them all day!

#5 Aywas

Aywas is one of the more unique breeding pet games. While it was a little confusing the first time I played, I’m getting a pretty good grip on how it’s played. First off, unlike most other breeding games, this one is more battle and collection-oriented than breeding-oriented. You have a “Human avatar” that you can buy and collect clothing and other accessories to dress them up in, and you explore the world to fight other creatures. You can also fight other players.

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One feature I find unique is that you can “marry” your pets, either two of your own, or yours and another player’s. Breeding is a rather difficult thing to accomplish in this game, as it seems that you need to spend a lot of in-game money (much more than you start out with) to get “breeding coins”, which are required to produce a baby. And you need to spend much more if you wish to breed two creatures of different species.

#6 Dragon Stable

Dragon Stable seems to work a lot like Neopets, but you can actually breed the dragons you own. You have a world to explore, and games to play. Most of the games are based on luck and chance, but at least some of them let you continue to earn in-game credits, even if you lose. I’ve only just started this game, so I haven’t gotten a chance to breed a dragon yet…Check back in the future for updates!

#7 Pure Felinity

Pure Felinity allows you to raise and breed your own cats, place them in shows, and even create your own breed! It requires a lot of interaction, from feeding to grooming to making sure each of your cats are completely healthy. It’s very realistic, but not for the casual player that might not be able to log in for several days or more.

One thing I like about this game is the ability to create your own breeds. While the real, standard cat breeds are in this game, you also can submit your own breeds with it’s own standards on body type, shape, coat color, and so on. It adds to the fun of finding cats with certain qualities that match up with the breed you’re trying to produce.

Unfortunately, there is only one game to play to earn extra money…or not. It’s a chance game you can play for $200 (in-game money, of course). You might get a good chunk of money back, or you might get nothing at all. Beyond that, the only way you’re earning money is to wait every Monday to visit the bank, entering shows (which you can only do with purebred cats – No mixed breeds), or by selling cats you breed in-game. So don’t go buying and breeding a lot of cats right at the get-go, or you won’t have enough money for their food and care!

Another great reason to not go breeding a bunch of cats willy-nilly: Unless you have a paid account, you can’t have any more than 30 cats in your account. So even though you can technically breed cats until the cows (or cats) come home, you have to be sure you can both afford to keep them, and you have room for them!

#8 Furry Paws

Furry Paws would be best described as a cross of Neopets and Pure Felinity (above), just…you know…with dogs. You raise and breed your dogs, place them in shows, and play a variety of cute games to earn money. You have to buy food, toys, bedding, and other basic pet care items, and you have to maintain your dog’s health. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort into playing this, then you’ll be rewarded with a good reputation in-game!

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My advice: Use the bank feature often. Very often. There’s a random event that pops up on occasion that will take away some of your hard-earned money if you have it on-hand instead of in the bank. And it usually favors taking large amounts of money at once. Thankfully, though, there’s a higher chance that you should find money in a random game event. Just make sure you click the “Click here to investigate” link when it pops up, or you won’t get the cash!

#9 Howrse

Howrse is an odd game, but the fun kind of odd. While overwhelmingly complicated when first joining, it has a lot of features unique to the games on this list. You have to keep track of not only your horse’s energy and health, but also its “morale”. You can add animations and personalise each horse’s coat color, as well as purchase “companions”, such as cats and goats, or even a dragon or phoenix! Each of these companions can boost your horse’s stats.

Jobs are also unique in this game. Instead of having a job that you will get paid for every week on schedule, you compete with other players for job openings that last a certain number of days, and you will only get your daily wage if you log in every day. The longer you play the game, the more jobs open up. This is a great way to keep players on their toes, and active within the game itself.

One thing I like about this game is that it’s much more casual than the others. Your horse won’t age unless you select the “Age” option. So if you don’t log on for several days, you’ll lost the money you would have earned through jobs, but your horse won’t starve, get sick, etc. That makes it great for people like me, who has work that very often interrupts potential game time.

#10 Kitten Tracks

Kitten Tracks is rather unique in the list of Breeding Games. You still get your cat, enter it in shows, and breed it to produce new kittens, you also have goals to achieve, and “adventures” to go on. The game setup is a little confusing to new members, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun, and rather addicting. Also, your cats will eventually “die” after they reach a certain age (or if they aren’t cared for properly). So if you want to keep a family line going, keep in mind that unlike most other breeding games, they don’t live forever!

(P.S.: If you want my advice, don’t make the mistake I did and buy a new cat from the start. It’s much cheaper to search for another member’s kitten for sale. That way, you don’t start the game off way behind like I did.)

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#11 Animal Acres

Animal Acres has a basic gameplay that is much like Kitten Tracks, with some notable differences. For one, you can own and breed a wide variety of animals, from cats to horses to dragons and mermaids! Although, it appears that your pets will still die from age as on KT.

However, unlike most of the sites on this list, there are no games to earn in-game currency. You can earn money by taking jobs that pay once a week, or by selling pets and items. It adds a different bit of strategy to the game, as you have to make sure you’re spending within your weekly pay.

#12 Hooves of Fire – (Facebook only)

Hooves of Fire is a Facebook-specific game where you can breed and race horses. The graphics are fun and cartoony, and there aren’t a lot of games out there where you can breed a bright pink horse with a neon green mane!

It also acts as a strategy game, where you have to figure out which races to enter your horses in, not only due to the horse’s abilities, but also because each horse has a prferred track type!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wajas, and what unique features does it offer?

Wajas is a virtual pet game centered around dog and wolf-based creatures. It offers players the ability to explore caves, play mini-games, and accessorize their pets. Unique features include a variety of markings and mutations such as wings, horns, and feathers, making each bred pet distinct.

How does Khimeros differ from other virtual pet games?

Khimeros allows breeding pets based on a diverse range of animals, enabling the creation of creatures with mixed features (e.g., front half of a wolf and back half of an owl). It stands out with its unique mini-games, like Mahjong, to earn money and items.

What are the gameplay elements of The Dragon Empire?

The Dragon Empire focuses on dragon-based virtual pets, offering easier and more casual gameplay compared to others. Players have a daily limit on earnings, emphasizing strategic play without extensive time commitment.

Can you explain the breeding mechanics and restrictions in Pocket Pumas?

In Pocket Pumas, players breed big cats with unique markings and evolutions. The game prevents inbreeding and introduced an "Inbreeding Checker" feature on July 13th, 2011, to aid in selecting pets for breeding, ensuring genetic diversity.

What makes Aywas unique among breeding pet games?

Aywas emphasizes battle and collection over breeding, featuring a human avatar for customization. Unique aspects include the ability to "marry" pets for breeding, requiring substantial in-game currency for "breeding coins," especially for different species.

How does Pure Felinity simulate a realistic cat breeding experience?

Pure Felinity offers an in-depth breeding experience with requirements for feeding, grooming, and health maintenance. Players can create their own cat breeds, participate in shows, and manage finances to sustain their cats' well-being. The game limits players to 30 cats without a paid account, adding a layer of strategy to breeding and care.

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