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David Hughes
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Ever felt uneasy sharing your email address with apps or websites? Worried about spam or privacy issues? Well, Apple has your back with a cool feature called Hide My Email.

Imagine being able to create random email addresses that forward to your real one, keeping your personal email safe and sound. Sounds amazing, right? 🌟

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what Hide My Email is all about and how you can start using it today.

If you care about your online privacy and hate spam, then this feature is a game-changer. So, ready to take control of your inbox?

Let’s dive in and explore how you can stay secure and spam-free with Apple’s Hide My Email! 🚀

What is Hide My Email?

Hide My Email is a feature from Apple that lets you create unique, random email addresses that forward to your actual email.

This means you can sign up for things without giving out your real email address. Think of it as a privacy shield for your inbox. 🛡️

Why Apple Felt the Need for It

Apple introduced Hide My Email because they know how important privacy is. In a world where our emails can get flooded with spam or, even worse, be used for tracking our online activities, having a way to keep our personal email private is crucial.

Apple wants to make sure you’re in control of your data. By using Hide My Email, you can:

  1. Avoid Spam: Only share your real email with people you trust. For everything else, use a random email that you can easily deactivate if it gets spammy. 📬
  2. Protect Your Privacy: Keep your personal email safe from trackers and potential breaches. 🔒
  3. Stay Organized: Manage your emails better by creating different addresses for different purposes, all funneled into one inbox. 📂

So, in short, Apple created this feature to help you stay safe online and keep your inbox clean and clutter-free. Sounds pretty handy, right?

How To Use Hide My Email On iOS 15

Now that you know what Hide My Email can do for you, you might be asking, “How do I use it?” Let’s break it down into easy steps:

1. Sign In With Apple

The most common way to use Hide My Email is when you sign up for something new on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start Signing Up: Open the app you want to join on your iPhone.
  • Choose Apple: During the sign-up, look for an option that says “Sign In With Apple.” Tap it!
  • Make a Choice: You’ll see two choices: “Share My Email” and “Hide My Email.” Go with “Hide My Email” and hit “Continue.”

Now, any email the app sends to this new address will go straight to your real inbox, but they won’t know your actual email address.

2. Hide My Email on iOS 15 for iCloud Users

If you’re an iCloud user, here’s another cool way to use Hide My Email. This method is great when you’re filling out online forms, like subscribing to newsletters or your favorite blogging sites. Let’s go through the steps:

  • Visit the Website: On your iPhone or iPad, open the browser and go to the site where you want to subscribe.
  • Enter Your Email: Tap on the box that asks for your email address.
  • Select the Magic Option: Your device will know what you’re trying to do, and you’ll see “Hide My Email” appear as an autofill option. Tap it!
  • Get a New Email: iCloud will give you a unique, alternative email address. Just tap “Continue” to use it.
  • Label It: You’ll have the option to label this burner email. This is super helpful so you can remember what app or website it’s for later on.

You’ve successfully hidden your real email address while still signing up for what you need. This keeps your primary email safe from semi-trustworthy sites!

3. How to Hide Your Email Address in Gmail

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, Apple lets you send emails with a fake email address right from the Mail app, even if it’s linked to your Gmail account. Here’s how you can send an email without revealing your real address:

  • Open the Mail App: Tap to open your Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Start a New Email: Tap the icon to create a new message.
  • Choose Your Sender Address: Tap the “From” field. Instead of selecting your personal email, choose “Hide My Email.”
  • Use the Fake Address: Your device will automatically provide a unique, fake email address for you to use. Type your message and send it!

📩 What Happens Next? Any replies to your message sent to this fake address will be automatically forwarded to your personal email. This way, your real email stays private!

How To Turn Off Hide My Email On iPhone

Want to stop using a fake email address you created with Apple’s Hide My Email? Here’s how to deactivate it on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings: Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Access Your Account: Tap your name at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to iCloud: Then tap on “iCloud.”
  • Manage Your Emails: Choose “Hide My Email.” You’ll see a list of all the burner addresses you’ve created, and what app or website they’re linked to.
  • Deactivate Addresses: Tap on the email addresses you want to deactivate.

Please note that deactivating an email address stops emails from being forwarded to your real email, but it doesn’t delete the address.

If you deactivate an address by mistake, you can reactivate it under “Inactive Addresses.”

While Apple’s Hide My Email is highly trusted, you can also consider Email Protection from DuckDuckGo or Bump as other options to protect your email privacy.


🌟 Stay Secure and Spam-Free with Apple’s Hide My Email feature! Whether you’re signing up for new apps, subscribing to newsletters, or emailing new contacts, this tool ensures your primary email address remains private and your inbox clutter-free.

🔐 Remember, protecting your email isn’t just about keeping spam out; it’s about safeguarding your online presence.

Apple’s Hide My Email is a powerful tool in maintaining digital privacy. For those looking for alternatives, services like DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection and Bump are also worth exploring.

Stay safe, stay private, and take control of your digital life with these powerful tools at your disposal!


What is Hide My Email?

Hide My Email is a feature by Apple that allows you to create a temporary, unique email address for signing up to apps and websites, helping keep your personal email address private and your inbox free from spam.

How can I use Hide My Email on iOS 15?

You can use Hide My Email through the Sign In With Apple option during app sign-ups, directly from the Mail app when composing emails, or through iCloud settings when filling out forms online.

Is Hide My Email available for all Apple users?

Yes, any Apple user with an iCloud account and running iOS 15 or later can use the Hide My Email feature.

What happens to emails sent to a deactivated Hide My Email address?

Emails sent to a deactivated Hide My Email address will no longer be forwarded to your primary email address. However, the burner email address itself is not deleted and can be reactivated if needed.

Are there alternatives to Apple’s Hide My Email feature?

Yes, other services like DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection and Bump offer similar functionality for creating disposable email addresses to protect your privacy.

Can I use Hide My Email with my Gmail account?

Absolutely! You can use Hide My Email to send messages from a fake email address directly from the Mail app linked to your Gmail account, ensuring your real email address remains hidden.

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