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What Exactly is Bitcoin, It’s Value Price & Trading


Do you know what a Bitcoin is? No! Umm OKAY!

Do you have any idea about Bitcoin? No! I will tell you.

Welcome to the world of Digitalization.


Bitcoin is a type of digital currency which does not have any coins or notes like other currencies. In this modern era, we moved from fax to email, cable TV to IP TV, meetings to video conferencing, etc. Then why not to move on with currency man?

The idea of Bitcoins was given and contributed by an anonymous reside Satoshi Nakamoto. Rumors were that he is from Japan but his email id gave a total different look, it pointed that id is from Germany and also the Bitcoin software is not available in Japanese. It is an anonymous currency transaction and all the info will remain between the sender and the receiver. Bitcoin system has no central authority but it is running on a network by freedom enthusiasts and contributors.


Present price rate of 1 BTC= 1000 mBTC. Bitcoin price touched and crossed $1000 on Mt. Gox

Do you the worth of Bitcoin economy? No! it is worth more than $1 billion USD. When designed it had flaws but original code was simply nice. Bitcoin being a digital currency is worth a look at too and it’s fundamental protocol is one thing that is really special along with the developers of Bitcoins.


Users can have as many digital wallets as they want to have keeping their bitcoins on the website online or on their PC. It grants the users with total anonymity. Spending is a lot easier.

Use of Bitcoin is really easy and simple using internet. The transactions are irreversible and are fast. When an account received fund the person owning that account need to spend the funds within some few minutes. Bitcoin is almost free of cost and its supply is regulated by the agreement of users and software. Bitcoin is reliable and fast payment network.

Bitcoins has something attractive that is why it keeps people engulfed by idealists and computer geeks. It makes people so much amazed that once they get to know about What a Bitcoin are exactly then unable to sleep and keep on thinking more and more about it.

Do you have any thoughts about Bitcoins? Do you own Bitcoin digital currency account? What are your experiences regarding its trading and features?

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