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Why Creating Outbound Links is NOT Good For Your Website


In this post, we will be talking about why creating outbound links is not good for a newly published website. There is this hype about the importance of creating both outbound and inbound links for a website to earn good reputation from search engines particularly Google. Although much of the hullabaloo is pointing to creating backlinks as the most important assignment of webmasters aside from creating quality content, there is also the focus on having enough outbound links to other web pages. It is included as they say and therefore necessary in the whole gamut of this perplexing SEO world. I beg to disagree however when it comes to creating outbound links and this I will explain here.

It diminishes your authority to write about the topic

You spent time and energy to create a wonderful post or article for your website. It could be to share an idea, an expertise, to promote a product or service, or anything that made you think it is necessary to be shared in the worldwide web. The belief that you have something useful and helpful to share is what prompted you to publish a website. It does not matter if you have the same idea as other website owners because the strategy is to make viewers realize that you have something better to offer.

Big Website: Who are you to talk about this niche? I’ve been around and bigger so I’m the only one with authority here!

The most difficult part of publishing a website is establishing your authority on the niche that you have chosen and all efforts should be directed at establishing that authority. It could be through quality content, establishing social media networks but definitely not by way of putting links to your site that leads to other commercial sites.

But the authority that you want to establish immediately becomes suspect the moment you create a link pointing to another site. By creating a forward link to another site, you are in a way telling your readers to check out that link because it can offer other or even better information. It serves as your referral or source of reference in most respects.

You’re pushing viewers to go to another website

Reader: I came here to learn about the topic and yet this site is pointing me to go to another site. Weird! Hmmm

The resulting effect when you have a link pointing to another site is that you are pushing your viewers away to go to that site. Since you will try to link only to websites that have higher pagerank, this could result in the viewer leaving your site altogether and just focus on getting information from the site that you pointed them to. If you are a new website owner, this is not a good strategy at all unless the site you are pointing gives you something in return such as an affiliate link.

You’re showing that there is another more authoritative site than yours.

Reader: Ahh OKay, here is the site with more authority. Goodbye.

The immediate impression to readers is that there is a more authoritative website than yours when you create a forward link. It does not matter even if the link is only meant to point the viewers to a related site that complement yours. Lost viewership because of outbound links is just that – a loss. You are lucky if you can recover lost viewership because looking at the short attention span of web surfers, your website might easily be forgotten.

Big sites do not normally link to small sites

The thing is, big websites do not normally return the favor. They know that you have a website with low or even zero pagerank so they will not link to you no matter how you link to them. It is not good business sense for a big website with high PR to link to a small website that is not yet considered an authority. This is the reason why most big websites have a no follow rule.

Big Website: Link to me all you want but you must be out of your mind if you think I will link to you. All your readers will be mine Bwahahaha!

This means even if you created a backlink using them, the search engine bots will not give your site what webmasters love to call as “Link juice.” Big websites will not allow you that easily to benefit from their efforts and this you have to learn early on. With this in mind, why in the world would you want to make use of them as your reference n your website?

You might end up linking to a bad site

Some of those sites willing to share link juice are actually bad sites for you or at least not related to your niche. When you link to a bad site, your website might eventually be punished by Google. Remember that search bots do not care about your genuine intentions and will just make an assessment based on the data gathered.

Outbound links do not help in your page ranking so it is bad SEO

Outbound links do not help or at least have very small and almost negligible factor in determining pagerank. It could lead to benefits to the site you are linking but not the other way around. When you create an outbound link, the authority of the website with which you connected is enhanced in the eyes of the spider bots. When many links are pointing to a particular site, search engines will naturally rank it higher because other websites are making it as a reference. But this does not help in any way to boost your pagerank.

If you created a forward link to another website like a competitor, you are in effect helping your competitor become the authority. Make no mistake, all blog sites are competitors when the blogs are on the same niche. There may be friendly competition and all that stuff to make it sound professional but the fact remains that you are enemies in business and you do not help an enemy period. This is the mentality of big businesses and the main reason why they became big in the first pace.

It costs time and even money to create outbound links

Creating links is no easy task. Website owners who are new to this idea have to hire a professional to do it for them. It could cost thousands of bucks just to see your website finally getting the rank. It also takes a lot of time and even money to create content for the site where the links will be put. All of these efforts can go to waste if outbound links are created.

Should you stop creating outbound links?

Outbound links however are necessary to show the search engine bots that you have a balanced website. You cannot totally eliminate creating links especially links pointing to your website. It is one of the major barometers used by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to rank a website so you are forced to do it if you want to see your site making good in the eyes of the SERPs. But you must concentrate only on creating links with .gov or .edu sites.

Create links with sites that can enhance your authority and has no potential to compete with you at the same time.

When your link is pointing to a .gov or .edu sites, it means you are not giving the competition a headway to become more popular. These sites are also the ideal references for your readers. They do not normally link to commercial pages in the net but at least you will not lose readers to your competition. If you really need to link to a commercial website, make sure that it does not belong to your list of competitors because creating outbound Links is NOT good when it is pointing to your competitors. Just focus on publishing quality content and building your social network both online and offline and it can do the job for you.

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