Why Does Discovery Plus Buffering (Try This!)

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Are you getting frustrated because Discovery Plus keeps stopping to buffer while you’re trying to watch your favorite shows? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I’m here to guide you through some cool tricks to fix this buffering problem.

Let’s dive into how you can enjoy smooth streaming on Discovery Plus without those annoying pauses!

Why Does Discovery Plus Keep Buffering?

Ever wonder why your Discovery Plus show keeps freezing and buffering? Well, it’s usually because of two main reasons: a not-so-great internet connection and some tricky software settings.

I remember when I couldn’t get Discovery Plus to work at all. It was super frustrating! But guess what? I’ve discovered some awesome tips that can help you get your app working smoothly again. So, let’s get your Discovery Plus streaming perfectly!

How To Fix When Discovery Plus Keeps Buffering

1. Restart Your Streaming Device

Whether you’re using a Fire Stick, a fancy Smart TV, playing on your game console, or streaming on your computer, the first step to fix buffering on Discovery Plus is super simple: restart your device!

Here’s a cool trick I learned: do a “power cycle.” Sounds high-tech, right? But it’s easy! Just unplug your device for a whole minute (count to 60 or do a little dance while you wait), and then plug it back in.

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Why does this help? Well, restarting your device gives it a fresh start. It’s like a mini-vacation for your gadget! It gets rid of unnecessary files and updates itself, making sure everything runs more smoothly. Plus, if you close other apps you’re not using, your Discovery Plus shows will stream like a dream!

2. Reset Your Router

Having trouble with Discovery Plus buffering? Here’s a big tip: restart your router. It’s a game-changer!

How to Reset Your Router Like a Pro

Resetting your router is super easy. Just unplug it from the power outlet, wait for 30 seconds (maybe do a quick stretch or check your phone), and then plug it back in. This is called a “power-cycle,” and it’s like hitting the refresh button on your internet!

Why Does This Magic Trick Work?

In my house, we have a bunch of devices connected to the internet all at once. When everyone’s online, Discovery Plus starts to get slow and laggy.

Think of your router as a mini-computer. The more devices and tasks it has to handle, the slower it gets, kind of like when you have too many apps open on your phone. Resetting it frees up more internet speed for Discovery Plus, so you can watch your shows without those annoying pauses.

3. Disconnect Other Devices In Your Home From The Internet

Can’t reset your router? No problem! Try disconnecting devices that you don’t need right now. Is someone binge-watching on Netflix? Is your phone connected to Wi-Fi just chilling? How about gaming consoles downloading stuff? Each device you disconnect is like giving Discovery Plus a little extra speed boost.

4. Close Any Apps That Are Running

Remember when we restarted our streaming device? That also closed all the running apps. If you haven’t restarted yet, go ahead and close any apps you’re not using.

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Why Does This Help?

Think of your internet connection like a water hose going to your Discovery Plus app. When other apps are open, it’s like having tiny holes in the hose. The water – or in this case, your internet speed – starts leaking out. Closing these apps means more water (speed!) gets to Discovery Plus, so you can watch without buffering.

5. Decrease Video Quality

In your Discovery Plus settings, look for an option to change the video quality. Streaming super high-quality videos (like 4K) needs a lot of internet power. If you lower the quality a bit, you might notice less buffering. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between great quality and smooth streaming.

6. Update Your Streaming Device Software/Firmware Before Downloading

No matter what device you’re using – a smart TV, a streaming stick, or a gaming console – keeping its software or firmware up-to-date is super important. It’s like giving your device a cool upgrade!

Sometimes, we miss updates, or they don’t install properly. That can make Discovery Plus act all glitchy and buffer. So, make sure your device is wearing the latest software outfit. It not only fixes bugs but also gives you access to new apps and a better streaming experience.

7. Use An Ethernet Cable Rather Than Wi-Fi

Ever heard of an Ethernet cable? It’s like a superhighway for internet speed, way faster than Wi-Fi. Using an Ethernet cable means your data travels at lightning speed and without pesky interference.

Wi-Fi is cool, but it’s like taking the scenic route – slower and more prone to bumps (like walls and floors) that weaken your signal.

When your streaming device is far from your router, or there are lots of walls in the way, it can make Discovery Plus buffer. I always plug in an Ethernet cable when I can, and trust me, it’s a game-changer for smooth streaming!

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8. Upgrade Your Internet Connection

Not everyone can do this, but if you can, upgrading your internet speed is like giving your streaming superpowers. The difference between a 100mbps connection and a 1gbps one is huge – it’s like comparing a bicycle to a race car in terms of speed!

9. Disable Any Ad Blockers Or VPNs

VPNs and ad blockers might keep ads away, but they can also slow down your streaming on Discovery Plus. VPNs are like detours in your internet journey – they make the trip longer. So, if you’re using them, try turning them off for a while and see if your shows stream better.

10. Upgrade Your Router

Here’s a cool fact: even if you have super fast internet, an old router can be like a traffic jam, slowing everything down. If your router can only handle 100mbps but your internet speed is 1gbps, you won’t get to use all that speed. It might be time to upgrade your router to match your internet’s fast lane!

11. Contact Discovery Plus Support

Tried everything and still stuck with buffering? It’s time to call in the experts! Reach out to Discovery Plus support. They’re like detectives for streaming issues, and they can help figure out what’s going wrong.

Wrapping Up: Say Goodbye to Buffering on Discovery Plus!

So, when my Discovery Plus was acting like a sloth (you know, buffering and lagging), it turned out the problem was my not-so-great internet and a streaming device that needed a bit of tweaking.

But guess what? After trying out the steps we just talked about, I turned my laggy Discovery Plus into a smooth, buffer-free streaming machine! And you can do it too!

I really hope this guide helps you zap those buffering blues away. Happy, smooth streaming, everyone!

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