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Xmark Adjustable Dumbbells Review


When you exercise, you want something that spurs rigorous fat loss and tones up your muscles with each workout. There are many types of equipment that strengthen and fine tune your body. Then you have dumbbells that you can use at home and trigger the effect of weight loss (tone up). This Xmark Adjustable Dumbbells review is useful for those looking for the right answers to their fitness problems. Here you will find an in-depth info about the specifications of the model and get to know its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). There are many reasons to buy these. First and foremost—the grip and the convenient adjustability.

Features & Specifications

  • Storage: These come with two 50 lb. Dumbbells that are easily adjustable and come with storage trays. This helps you store them in a place and eliminates the need for a lot of space.
  • Material: The Xmarks Adjustable Dumbbell Set is made up of heavy-duty chrome plated steel that makes it strong and durable. You do not have to worry about the life of your dumbbell.
  • One complete workout: The dumbbell is versatile in its use. This makes using them simple. You do not have to care about using a lot of different dumbbells. Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells.
  • Usage: They are ergonomically designed to give you a compact workout equipment and are easy to use. Designed to perfection, they save your space and time.

Review of Xmark Adjustable Dumbbells


Name the exercise and the dumbbells have it for you. There’s nothing quite like having a pair like this which serves all purposes. These are your heavy-duty option in chrome plated steel. The construction is sturdy and super cool to look at. This is something you won’t find in other dumbbells easily. Their design and make is meant to facilitate proper usage.

When you have Xmark two 50lb adjustable weight dumbbells you do not have to worry about the durability. And then there’s no need for a couple of different dumbbells as these are many exercises in one. You get nine sets of weights which are combined in a simple system that you can slide to change it.

These have been called the simplest moving dumbbells. These are also easy to adjustment as the knob shifts the weights without any hassle. These are one of the flexible strength training options today.

Talk about exercises, you can do everything from arms to chest, legs, abs, shoulders and what not. When you want something that helps your workout on all parts of your body with a single pair, these are your choice.


  • Adjustability – Training with Xmark 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbell is a great way to work out as you won’t be wasting time in trying to change the weights. They are simple to use. You will find that there is the effort required in using these. The weights change fast.
  • Space – These take up less space and come with a case to store them in. This means you do not have to worry about where to keep them. So if you have a lack of space, these are excellent as they are compact.
  • Reasonable – For something that comes in high-quality, heavy-duty steel, this is a great deal. You will not find another model in this price range. This is a good investment, something you will know when you hold them. The grip, the look, everything about the dumbbells is just amazing.


  • Level System – At times a few issues with the lever system might crop up, that takes a while to change weights (only sometimes). This may not be a problem if handled with patience.
  • Tray – Ok so yes, it comes with a plastic tray. This is something not many people like. This isn’t a big deal really as the plastic tray is strong enough. But if you want something tougher for your dumbbells, then you will be disappointed.
  • Weight – This is a problem many people who want something more than just a few pounds face. So the maximum weight of 50 lbs each can be used in 5 lb increments. But then these are odd weights and these are not very evenly distributed.


The Xmark Fitness adjustable dumbbell review suggests that this may not be a perfect product but a great deal nevertheless. When you are using these, you are in safe hands. They are an excellent pair as they are not just durable, but they grow on you.

And needless to say, easy to store also. With a good grip, great material and everything sexy, there’s nothing you want to complain about. But those who can afford something more expensive, you might get a better deal. But for this price, you couldn’t have asked for a better model.

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