7 Things You Wish You Knew for Building a Profitable Blog on WordPress

David Hughes
David Hughes

Building and running a blog is a work of passion for many. However, that passion can be turned into a profession only if it works well and makes a profit. For new and existing bloggers, the goal is to build a blog that serves your interest and is profitable at the same time.

If that happens, you can make a comfortable living doing what you love and reaching a large number of people through your content. Nevertheless, this is easier said than done. Millions of people around the world aspire to be successful bloggers. But only a fraction of them succeed.

There are certain objective aspects that can make your blog work. Apart from the hard work that you put in, taking care of a few specific things can increase the profitability of your blog and give your online venture the much-needed push.

Before diving into the important things to know for building a profitable blog, you must decide on which platform your blog should be based. Of that, WordPress is the most popular and efficient solution.

Its free offerings help you create a professional and smooth-running blog without burning a hole in your pocket. It is also easy to learn and operate, making it one of the most trusted content management systems (CMS) in the world.

You can hire a WordPress web development company to take the hard work off your back while you build the content of your blog. Now that you are free to focus on output, you must make a checklist of the seven important things that make your blog successful and profitable.

7 Things to Know Before Building a Profitable Blog on WordPress in 2022

WordPress blogs can be built in a few easy steps, with the desired layout and theme. However, setting a blog up is only the first step. In a sea of bloggers and vloggers, you must ensure your blog stands out enough to draw viewers and bring in profits.

Here are a few things you can do to be the owner of a profitable blog in 2022.

Use SEO Wisely

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a key aspect to getting your blog noticed by the right audience. It works by optimizing your content for specific keywords so that you feature in search results on Google.

SEO has several areas like keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, social media promotion, and so on. Depending on the genre and target audience of your blog, you should choose the form of SEO that works best. However, keyword targeting works for almost all types of blogs.

A foolproof way to increase search rankings is by focusing on keywords that have a low ranking difficulty in your industry. By finding niche keywords, you can ensure your blog appears for the right search terms and interested people find it easily.

Your content should also be built around these keywords. Finding the popular but niche keywords for your blog is a major step towards success. Use keyword tools to perform research and find your perfect keyword balance.

Your content should have a purpose, target, and standard in order to make a difference. The most profitable blogs are the ones that provide a unique take on popular topics or build a unique voice or identity that audiences are attracted to.

It is important to cover important and trendy topics, but if your content is an echo of a hundred other blogs, why would people visit your page? To get more traffic and revenue, you must conduct proper research on your content and structure, understand the pulse of your audience, and keep evolving your content with time.

Build Blog Identity or Voice

Readers are often attracted to the personality of a blogger, rather than the content. For instance, if you run a food blog, more than your food pictures and recipes, your readers would love to get a glimpse into how you are and how you present your content. This is where you can build a unique blog identity that attracts traffic.

The wider your reach is, the more profitable your blog will be. To ensure your voice does not get lost amidst the noise of your competitors, make sure you keep it real, simple, and relatable. The best way to do this is to understand what would attract you as an audience, and apply that to your content.

Promote Content and Add Revenue-Seekers

To reach a wider audience, you must promote your blog actively. Some effective promotional channels include social media, email outreach, advertising, and so on. Choose the platform where most of your target audience is expected to be active.

For instance, entertainment blogs work well with Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand, if you run a career blog, LinkedIn is the ideal platform.

Apart from promoting your content, you can promote others’ content on your website to bring in revenue. Some money-making tactics that can be inserted into your blog are:

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand collaborations
  • Affiliate links
  • Product and service endorsements

Getting backlinks to your website is one of the strongest indicators of a high search ranking for Google. If your blog can acquire quality backlinks, you will get more traffic, which will be converted to revenue.

Link building can be a long and tedious process, but it is totally worth the effort. The best way to build backlinks is organically through networking and quality content. Needless to say, if your content is not worth linking to, no amount of persuasion or money can help.

Write Guest Blogs for Profitable Sites

We know that guest blogs can be a great way to earn backlinks and traffic. However, you must be very careful about which websites to write guest blogs for. Choose the ones that have a high reach and engagement, and make sure you place links on prominent keywords.

Writing guest blogs for profitable sites gives your content credibility and lets new audiences discover your work. This leads to better search ranks, more website visitors, and thus higher profits.

Add Media and CTA

Looking from the perspective of a reader, your blog must be interesting and actionable, if not anything else. Media elements add breaks in the text and make your page more engaging. Hence, add relevant images, videos, GIFs, etc., for better readability.

You should also add a call to action (CTA) factor to your blog. If your content is valuable but not directional, it is of no use. Take the opportunity to present action elements to your readers and guide them in a direction that will be profitable for you. Urge them to buy products, check out more articles, or anything else that is applicable to your content.

This way, you hold the reader’s attention and bring them closer to a conversion.


Blogging may look easy but it involves varied aspects such as planning, creativity, hard work, and instinct. The above factors will help make your work a little easier by providing a clear path towards more profit and popularity.

And for added custom services, you can always hire experts who would take care of SEO and web development activities for your blog. This leaves you free to build a quality product that your audience will love and enjoy.

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