What are the Biggest Challenges in Law Enforcement and Their Impact on Public Safety

David Hughes
By David Hughes 5 Min Read

An Ongoing Battle

Law enforcement is difficult even when things are going well, and that will always be the case. Police need to train effectively and be ready for situations that are not ideal. That’s the nature of the job.

However, some difficulties have been reduced substantially over time, even as others become more problematic than ever. Here we’ll explore three of Law Enforcement’s biggest challenges, and how they impact public safety.

#1 The Budge

Police are almost always underfunded, and reducing the amount of resources they have available is an excellent way to assure they won’t be effective in their community. NICE evidence management can help law enforcement personnel more conveniently and effectively manage information related to crime.

Cloud computing is also something many police agencies are turning to, as these can surrogate an on-site server array much less expensively. However, such moves can put sensitive information in a tech company’s server array, which may not be appropriate in certain circumstances. Each law enforcement agency has to make its own decisions.

As political realities push to de-fund police, more and more difficult decisions must be made for the sake of keeping the peace. Accordingly, especially today, any legal way of off-setting recurrent costs is fundamentally necessary. This has always been a challenge, but today it’s harder for more police departments in more cities than ever.

#2 False Narratives Involving How Crime Works

2020 was a challenging year for law enforcement, as public perception pushed a false narrative that unfairly pressured law enforcement. Americans perceive race-related abuses to be greater than they are. In all societies, imperfect people do imperfect things. The idea that police are fundamentally racist is a false one, just like the idea that progressive ideologies recognize all human rights is similarly untrue.

The truth is, people in all categories are some things, and they aren’t others. There is a dedicated political putsch toward undermining law enforcement as a means of establishing an alternative.

The public doesn’t really understand, and as a result, they inhibit actual, legitimate law enforcement under false pretenses without realizing it. In part, this has led to police agencies being defunded wrongly. It’s a PR issue, and its resolution is hard to determine.

Ultimately, the result is greater crime in certain areas, as police are essentially restricted from action by the public. The most vulnerable communities are left to elements of society that exploit them mercilessly. There should not be “no-go zones” in the USA, but they exist, and in large part, this issue is the reason. Read about this here.

#3 Failure of the Public to Recognize Consistent Crime Reduction

Peaceful communities are that way by and large through the efforts of effective police agencies. The thing is, nobody realizes they’re doing so much good. The police are taken for granted.

As a result, when budget cuts are on the table, the police station has to deal with them. When the public doesn’t realize the value of something, they waste it. As that waste happens, more people are put at risk.

Overcoming Consistent Difficulties in Law Enforcement
Failure to recognize police effectiveness, improper understanding of racial issues related to police, and budget problems are the three most difficult things police across the country face on a regular basis.

Collaterally, the difficulties police agencies face become the difficulties of the citizenry whom they protect. It’s a complex issue, but there are ways of preserving costs and facilitating more effective law enforcement. New tech can help, and it can be acquired. The bottom line is when police agencies do better, so also do communities.

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