How to Sell Solar Energy Packages Like a Pro

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how to sell solar energy packages like pro

So, you’ve decided to enter the solar energy marketing business. Seeing how the industry is fast-growing, it’s safe to say that you’ve made a great choice. With the rise in fuel and electricity prices, there is an increase in the number of people looking for alternative energy sources.

Now that you know that there is a willing market, you need to figure out the best way to market your product to your target consumers. By following the tips we share in this article, you should be able to increase the number of successful sales you make. Click here to learn more about how big the solar energy market is.

Understand Your Product

The reason you’re unable to close sales as you would like might be because you don’t know your product as well as you should. It is easy to memorize certain figures and facts, anyone can do it. But when you truly understand your product, it is evident in your sales pitch.

Your client could come up with different kinds of questions that could put you off balance. If you’re not able to convince them 100% that you know your product, why should they trust that you know what’s best for them?

Before you even attempt making a sale ensure you truly understand your product. When you talk about it you shouldn’t falter. Learn how to speak with authority and all the confidence in the world. You should be able to convince potential clients that this is a topic you are knowledgeable about. Visit to learn more about speaking with confidence and authority.

Invoke a Sense of Urgency

Alright! You’ve successfully convinced your client of the importance of solar energy, and they attest to this fact. But why should they buy it now? They might as well wait till the end of the year when most of their bills are settled before thinking of going solar. Therefore you must induce a sense of urgency.

There are so many ways you can achieve this. One useful method is by appealing to their sense of self-preservation and this can be easily achieved by evaluating their utility bill. Right now, energy costs are going up worldwide and chances are that they already see the ways this can affect them adversely. Let them understand that by switching to solar energy now, they would be able to recover the cost of installation earlier by avoiding future inflation.

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If installation time is shorter around that time of the year, emphasize this point. They would surely appreciate faster delivery of the product. Limited time offers are also useful as we all like saving costs whenever we can. If they understand that by going solar now, they have access to price levels that might never come again, potential buyers will see the reason to go solar now. If you are to close more deals, you must have them know that urgency is key but do it subtly.

Adjust Your Pitch to Suit the Client

As humans, we all are different down to our fingerprint. The success of your sales pitch will depend on how well you are able to understand these differences and tailor your pitch accordingly. Understanding potential clients is pretty easy if you know what to look out for.

You can start by accessing the neighbourhood. Do you see signs that the residents are concerned about the green earth initiative? Check if recycle bins are dominant in the area and if you can find some green earth stickers around. With this information, you can quickly adjust your sales pitch by stressing how solar use is better for the earth. If they’re true green Earth aficionados, they would quickly buy into the idea.

You can click here to learn more about the green earth movement.

Clues could come in any form, and there are many ways to take advantage of them. Let us use electric cars, for example. When they first came out, they were termed “corny”. But now, having EVs like Tesla seems cool. Appeal to the vain side of your client, find a way to make them want to brag about solar installations. These are just some examples. There are so many ways your pitch could be adjusted to suit your customers, find them.

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Make Them Agree with You on Minor points

Before they can be converted to paying customers, get potential customers to agree on minor points like how solar can actually reduce their utility bill long term. You can’t just bombard your client with random facts about solar then jump to the different packages you offer and expect them to bite.

Have they even admitted their need for a renewable energy source? Do they feel like they have enough space on their roof for installation? When you go over these little details, they would be nodding their head in affirmation not knowing when the big question is popped. Since they’ve said yes to minor factors, it gets a lot easier agreeing to the use of your product.

Highlight Value Not Price

In the solar industry, there are tons of competitors, by the time you’d be reading this article, more solar power businesses would have cropped up. You could offer a hundred discounts and a competitor would offer one more than you. You can see how difficult it is trying to measure up if cost is your focus. In this type of battle, there’s only a few winners. You could end up not making a profit if you choose to focus on maintaining the lowest prices around.

If you start your pitch with declarations of how your prices are the lowest ever on the market it might have the opposite effect. When all you talk about are cheap prices, it is only natural that the customer wonders what corners you might have cut to get to that position.

Value, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart. Focus on the different services your company offers and how they can benefit your customers. Sometimes, you would find out that people are even willing to spend much more, provided they feel the expense is worth the value that the service provides. By focusing on value, no matter how attractive the competitors’ pricing is, you would always offer something they don’t. Visit: to learn more about how to sell value rather than price.

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Final Thoughts

There are many approaches you can take to bump up the number of deals you close, and we’ve only mentioned a few in this article. If you apply these in your sales strategy, you’d be one step closer to becoming a solar sales professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is now a good time to enter the solar energy marketing business?

The solar energy industry is experiencing rapid growth due to rising fuel and electricity prices, leading to an increased interest in alternative energy sources. This trend creates a favorable market environment for new entrants.

How can I improve my solar energy product sales pitch?

Understanding your product deeply is crucial. This means going beyond memorizing facts to being able to answer any question with confidence and authority. This knowledge and confidence can significantly improve your sales pitch effectiveness.

What strategies can I use to create a sense of urgency in potential solar energy customers?

Highlight the rising energy costs and how solar energy can provide savings and hedge against future price increases. Emphasize limited-time offers, installation time benefits, and unique price levels to encourage immediate action.

How should I adjust my sales pitch for different clients?

Tailor your pitch by understanding the client's values and concerns. Use clues from their environment (like recycle bins or green earth stickers) to personalize your approach, focusing on benefits that resonate most with them, such as environmental impact or modernity.

Why is it important to focus on value rather than price in the solar industry?

The solar market is competitive, and focusing solely on price can be a losing battle. Instead, highlighting the unique value and benefits your product and service provide can set you apart and justify a higher price point to customers looking for quality and added services.

What are some effective tactics to convert potential customers into paying ones?

Start by getting them to agree on minor points, like the long-term savings solar can offer. This method builds a foundation of agreement, making it easier for them to say "yes" to the main proposition. Highlighting the value and benefits over price can also shift their focus from cost to the advantages of choosing solar energy.

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