3 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Page Layout

David Hughes
By David Hughes 4 Min Read

There are billions of digital products competing for your market’s attention. It’s not enough to just have a landing page anymore. You need a fully-optimized experience for potential customers.

Landing pages perform stronger when integrated into larger marketing campaigns.

For example, you could integrate your landing page QR codes into your proximity marketing campaigns, prompting shoppers to visit the landing page while browsing. You can also include landing page QR codes on signage, business cards, coupons, and other print media.

Follow this guide to craft a high-converting landing page layout for your business.

1. Colors that Encourage Action

Think about the color schemes of your favorite brands. What colors pop out the most to you?

For example, red is an intense “buying” color that elicits feelings of urgency, hunger, and confidence. Target’s signature Bullseye logo and Coca-Cola’s red font are two famous examples of this color in action.

Blue is a trusting color. That’s why so many medical brands use blue in their logo designs, like Kaiser Permanente and Aetna insurance.

Think about the actions you want your customers to take. However, you’ll want to do this within your own branding identity. A cohesive branding strategy helps maintain customer loyalty rates.

2. Add Compelling Media to Your Landing Page Layout

Interactive landing page experiences are more likely to convert to sales. Plus, customers what to know what they’re buying.

For example, if you’re using landing pages to promote a new product, embed a demo video into the page. You could also include a survey for customers. In exchange for their feedback, they could receive a free product sample.

You could weave storytelling into your landing pages.

Instead, create a video that tells your brand’s story, including humble beginnings, patented processes, happy employers, and more. These elements help build trust with new customers.

3. Clever Content Writing

Video may grab the spotlight, but good copywriting is critical for converting visitors.

Keep your text short and sweet. Concentrate on benefits rather than confusing technical specifications.

Use localized keywords if you’re promoting to a specific city or region. Follow the best local SEO practices to optimize your landing pages for maximum local exposure.

Do you already have happy customers?


Many consumers seek out reviews before committing to a purchase. Testimonials help provide that confidence while emphasizing benefits, good customer service, and delivery.

Call-to-action statements also make a difference.

Statements like “available for a limited time only,” “buy now while supplies last,” and “sign up for a free demo” inspire action in consumers.

The last call-to-action highlights the free gift strategy.

Would you turn down a free donut at the grand opening of a new doughnut shop in town?

Like employers, customers also respond positively to incentives.

You can also create a culture of exclusivity around your incentives. Launching a beta program to a limited audience is an excellent example of this strategy.

Create a Landing Page that Gets Clicks

Give your products the launch they deserve!

Start investing in better landing pages and delivery strategies. Start with a compelling landing page layout that leverages color theory. Don’t forget those CTAs.

The blog is also brimming with ideas for creative readers like you.

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