Things to Know When You Ship Car across Country

David Hughes
David Hughes

Whether you’re moving across the country, going on a long family vacation, or temporarily changing your place of residence for work, there’s a good chance you’ll need a car. Rent-a-car can be costly, especially for a long period, so you have decided that it’s best to move your car with you.

If you didn’t transport your car across the country yet, you probably have many questions. Also, you may be further confused by the large number of companies that deal with car transportation. How is shipping done? What are your responsibilities? How much will it cost you? We give you answers to all these, plus more helpful information.

Vehicle Shipping Is Safe

Whatever the reason you go across the state and want your four-wheeler to go with you, you should know there are several ways to do it. You can drive to the desired destination, haul your vehicle with your mover, or load it onto a rented moving truck and take it to the new location yourself.

Each of these methods comes with its pros and cons, but when viewed as a whole, shipping via carriers is the option that brings the most benefits. For starters, you don’t have to think about driving. You leave that to professionals. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger because you can choose the door-to-door service, where the carrier’s employees pick up your vehicle and then drive it to your new address.

Depending on the location, the transport may take several days. If you’re not bound by a specific departure date or don’t need a car at a new address urgently, vehicle shipping is an excellent deal. And finally, your four-wheeler is completely safe because reputable carriers have proper insurance. If anything happens on the road, and it’s the fault of the company or a third party, you’re covered.

Finding a Carrier Can Be Tricky

We have already mentioned that many carriers operate within the States. You have a lot of choices but also the possibility of choosing a shipper that’s not what you want. So this is a decision you should make after careful consideration. Finding the right career isn’t simple, but it’s not impossible either.

First and foremost, always consider only licensed companies. Their fleet must have DOT numbers and be certified for vehicle hauling. Next, you need to find shippers with competitive prices. Don’t believe phony ads with rates too good to be true. It could be fraud or poor service, and you don’t want to risk either of those.

Before making a final decision, always compare the quotes of several car transportation companies. Check their customer service and whether they’re easy to communicate with. Considering that your four-wheeler is one of the most valuable things you own, you want to know what happens to it during transport, so choose shippers with a proven history of reliability.

Prepare the Car for Shipping

Just as you prepare for a move or vacation, you also need to prepare your metal pet for shipping. All carriers require the vehicles to be operable, so you have to check the condition before loading and possibly perform some minor fixes. If your four-wheeler is broken or, for some other reason, can’t be driven on and off the shipping trailer, you must note that when booking this service.

Clear the vehicle of all personal items and non-factory add-ons. Disable all alarms, anti-theft systems, and toll tags. When you remove all of that, your car will be much lighter, but more importantly, you won’t have to worry about what might happen to those items. Namely, carriers only insure the vehicle but not the things you have in it.

The car should be cleaned, all fluids checked, windows and body inspected, and any existing damage noted. That way, you can see if any new scratches or cracks have appeared on your vehicle after transport. Make sure that someone from the shipper’s company is present at that moment so that the record is legitimate and accepted by both sides.

You Can Find Great Deals

When you think of shipping across the country, you probably think it costs a lot. It’s actually true that closer destinations are costlier than farther ones if you look at the price per mile. These rates may fluctuate daily, depending on gas prices, demand, etc.

Other factors affecting the shipping rate are the vehicle type and size, the service type, and the booking period. You can find more details in this page. The earlier you contact a carrier, the better rate you can get. Also, if you’re not tied to a specific date or period of the year, you can decide to ship your vehicle out of season and thus save more.

Shipping a car across the country is a breeze if you find a reliable carrier and prepare everything before the departure day. That way, you’ll spare yourself the stress and extra costs and have the utmost peace of mind as your four-wheeler comes to your new address.

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