How to Generate Referral Traffic to Your Website

David Hughes
David Hughes

53% of website traffic comes from organic traffic who find websites through search engines. Since most people start their buyer’s journey through a search, businesses focus heavily on SEO and search results position. But, focusing solely on organic traffic leaves 47% of website traffic on the table.

Most of the remaining web traffic comes to your website through other sources like email and social media. This site traffic is called referral traffic. By capturing these referrals, you can get new leads and customers.

How can you generate referral traffic? Read on for some referral traffic generation strategies you can do today.

What is link building? It’s the process of acquiring hyperlinks to your company’s website from external websites. Backlinks create opportunities to direct readers to your website and positively affect SEO.

Guest blogging is a link-building strategy where your company writes an article that will be published on another website. Posting your content on a popular industry site shows your company’s expertise. You can include links in your website in the content, call-to-action, or author bio.

Link building takes time but is worth the website referral traffic. Take the time to discover where your audience spends their time. Then work with those websites and within their guest posting guidelines to begin building links.

Post on Social Media

Social media’s massive audience provides a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers. Companies leverage social media to boost their brand awareness and exposure. Social media success brings people to your content, which can improve that content’s search ranking.

Every time you post on social media, you have an opportunity to direct people to your website. Include links and calls to action in your posts to encourage people to check out your website.

Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your audience and get them to come back to your website. Personalized emails target your audiences’ interests and encourage them to take action. Including offers in your emails entices readers to click through, becoming referral traffic.

Comment on Industry Blogs and Forums

If done correctly, blog comments are a great way to generate website referral traffic. People who read those comments are looking to learn more. Comments with a link to more content on the topic will entice them to click.

But, keep in mind not all websites allow links in their comment section. So, find websites that allow links and bring value to the conversation. Your goal is to share your link without being spammy.

Host your own website

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, another key aspect of enhancing your online presence is learning how to host your own website. Hosting your website can provide you with more control over its performance and security.

By understanding the ins and outs of web hosting, you can ensure that your site remains accessible and responsive to your visitors. To explore the fundamentals of hosting your own website, consider checking out our comprehensive guide on ‘How to Host Your Own Website,’ where we walk you through the steps and best practices for a successful hosting experience.

Get Published on Review Sites and Directories

One easy way to create backlinks to your website is to get listed in online directories and review sites. These sites generate a lot of traffic, and being on them can send some of their users your way.

To get listed on these sites, you need to submit your business’s information. Once accepted, the directory will create a listing with a link to your website.

Remember that you don’t need to be in every directory and review site. Find the ones most relevant to your business.

Generate Referral Traffic Through These Easy Steps

These methods are proven ways to generate referral traffic. Link building and blog commenting can take time, but it puts your website out there. The more opportunities you have to connect with customers, the more leads and sales you could get.

Do you want more tips to generate website traffic? Check out the internet marketing section of our website for more articles like this one.

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